The tiny drop

The tiny drop This force does boys aggressive and forces them to win at any cost.

It compels them to destroy furniture, to beat bulbs, and to us, to parents, it is necessary to rejoice to that we have a good house, health and an automobile insurance.

The tiny drop of this powerful substance during very short period forces the smallest, weakest male to throw down in group of monkeys a challenge to the leader being on a throne.

Being before the derelict, he not only wins fight, but also continues to dominate and govern the whole group females, kids and other males.

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The infected

The infected Most of all lead contains in water which you take from cranes in the morning.

It is important for knowin as many parents cook food to the child for all day in the morning.

If water pipes cause in you fears or as a part of water lead is found, every morning lower water at least during mines to clean pipes.

The polluted air.

If you live in a place where reaches air from road highways and you have no possibility to move to other area, check lead level in blood of the child at least twice a year.

The infected soil.

Forbid the child to take in a mouth and to chew the earth, osoBenno if you live in the region of new buildings where old houses were taken down.

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Within weeks

Within weeks As a rule, the main responsible for food allergy are dairy products so can begin with them if you had no other reasonable suspicions.

To exclude from the menu of the child dairy products not simply, as they vkho in structure of dishes much tasty and loved by it milk, yogurt, cheese, sour cream, icecream.

However remember that protein of cow milk the main allergen.

Within weeks exclude these products and write down the nablyudeniye see page If you did not notice any changes, pass to other allergen, continuing until will check all products in the list.

How to keep the card of food allergy Conducting records will help you to establish connection between allergic manifestations at your child and products in his menu.

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If sugar

If sugar Quite often the newborn perishes in the first days of life.

As a rule, at the majority of people a Rhesus factor positive.

And if it you such is, for alarm do not have no bases.

In addition, after the analysis it will be clear, whether you have anemia, whether possess immunity to a rubella, whether there are no at you venereal diseases for example, syphilis can be treated till th week while it is not dangerous to the child, HIV.

What inspections and analyses will be at each visit of the doctor Urine analysis on the content of sugar.

If sugar will find repeatedly, this result can be a diabetes symptom.

on the content of protein.

Availability of protein in urine a possible symptom of violation of function of kidneys; protein on late terms of pregnancy can indicate threat .

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So children

So children Children very much like to play with another's toys.

As soon as your kid will seize a toy of the guest, that will revenge it to the same.

So children learn to give one toy in exchange to receive another.

But while such sharing is not needs of nature of the child as at this stage of development possession something means also possession.

Not to be aggressor.

Try to teach the kid to not aggressive ways of an exchange of a toy.

Speak Give it to mother instead of sharply or violently to snatch out a toy from hands of the child.

Many children in principle not against to share, they only object to aggressive ways of capture of their property.

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